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Monday, 12 September 2016

10 Faced Rudraksha

This is a high quality genuine Nepali rudraksha. Nepali rudrakshas are considered to be of the best quality. 
In Astrology, 10 mukhi rudraksha is ruled by das avtar Vishnu. This is the next best rudraksha to protect against evil energies, spirits and black magic attacks after 14 mukhi rudraksha. The wearer of 10 mukhi rudraksha attains a sense of security, develops a sound mind, achieves happiness and success and is safeguarded against all evil influences.
10 Faced Rudraksha gives even more benefit when worn with 15 digits yantra.    

Ruling Deity: Vishnu

Ruling Planet: None

Benefits: Protection from evil energies, protection from evil influence of all planets, success, up-gradation of career, cure and protection from respiratory problems.

Mantra to energize 10 mukhi rudraksha: Om Shreem Hreem Kleem Greem

To know more about this Rudraksha, please click on this link.
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